hi i am a Full Time Stock/Stock Lead at Hollister. i've been working here for quite a long time and i'd like to help some you out if you have any questions (about the company, impact, or model). the views expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone, which means they are not the views of A&F. i am not a company rep nor am i or ever will/can speak on the behalf of the company.
jaamiiee asked:
Hi! If I'm writing my resume and I'm a model, what exactly should I put? I know you had a really great post on that for both model and impact, but I also know you had to delete a bunch of stuff on your blog and I'm not sure if it's there anymore? Thanks in advance! :)


^ Pick and choose what’s more you and what you do. 

Helping/Greeting Customers

  • Helped with Customer Satisfaction
  • Provided Positive, Individualized Customer Care and Satisfaction


  • Help Update Store Visual Standards


  • Maintained Sales Floor Presentation
  • Responsible for Opening/Closing Procedures 
  • Handled Cash and Credit Transaction
  • Assisted customers in Handling Returns and Exchanges


  • Received and Processed Daily Shipment
  • Replenished Merchandise from Stockroom to Sales Floor
  • Prepped Merchandise Ready for Sales Floor
  • Tasked to Prepped New Merchandise for New Visual Set
  • Responsible for Opening/Closing Procedures 
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Anonymous asked:
You're off work on a Friday night?!

I get off at 10. I live like 10 minutes away from my mall, so I’m home pretty quick.

I noticed you and my managers like referring to us impact/models as “kids” even though ya’ll prolly not much older

I’m older than my impacts with the exception of one, by a good 4-6 years. I’m also older than one of my managers. 

Anonymous asked:
Hi, so i've recently starting working at hollister during the summer holidays but i'm going back to University in a few weeks time. Is there a way i can transfer stores and work at the hollister store near my Uni and when i'm back for christmas holidays, and summer i can work back at my original store? How would i do this? xxxxx

The store manager at your uni have to transfer you in and then your old store will have to transfer you back.

Anonymous asked:
Lol I respect your opinions. Everyone shut uppp

Haha thanks. 

But I want yalls opinions on this which pants should I get. It’s in Betty’s 1 they are like drapey pants and you can tie it and has pockets. I don’t know if yall know what I’m talking about but one’s burgundy and the other is navy. Which color should I get?

Anonymous asked:
What would you do if you heard that your Hollister is haunted. I work at Abercrombie and recently somebody told me that it was haunted and how they've been hearing sounds. What would you do. Please help!! I am terrified to go back to work!!

Did they tell you they were hearing sounds or are you hearing sounds?

If it’s them, they’re probably messing with you. 

I say that to my kids all the time, “The alarm went off there’s john at work again”, “John didn’t want that there” when something falls from the bays.

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Anonymous asked:
I was a model for about 2 years and a half and now I'm FTS. I think that they are both hard jobs in their on way. Models have to deal with costumers, folding down rooms, cash wrap, go backs and it gets really frustrating most of the time but you still have to keep a smile in your face which is pretty hard considering dealing with costumers bs and picking up the slack of other models. Impact has a more relaxing environment but has to deal with a shit ton of tasks which can be hard at times.

I appreciate you all telling me about how hard being a model can be, but my opinions won’t be swayed. I’ve been in all four positions thats why I disagree.

And I hate it when people say models has to deal with customers, that’s (or is one of) what makes their job hard. Impacts deal with customers too. We’re not locked up in the stockroom. When we leave the stockroom we’re suppose to tag everyone, just like the models. And just like the models we have to keep a smile on our face when we’re on the floor.

I mean just today my kid had to do a jean wall audit on all the walls. And customers kept going up to them and asking for help.

We also don’t have a relaxing environment. And I’m going off the three stores i’ve worked in, but there’s always more models than impacts, it’s not relaxing when you have a shit ton to deal with by yourself.

And yeah that’s my opinion but can we just agree to not agree on this topic? 

Anonymous asked:
Today was my last shift until Black Friday bc I'm going to college:/ Hollister really is like a family

I’m sad for when I have to leave. I love the people here, everything is getting better now if only the company give us more hours.

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Anonymous asked:
I love you and your blog that's all 💕 I hope you have a good weekend!!

Thanks bby. I love you and your blog.

I’m eating my dinner and answering questions like the old days. For once I get a real break and I’m enjoying it.

And I’m planning out the posts I should get started on. So everything on here is not just questions and answers.

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