hi i am a Full Time Stock/Stock Lead at Hollister. i've been working here for quite a long time and i'd like to help some you out if you have any questions (about the company, impact, or model). the views expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone, which means they are not the views of A&F. i am not a company rep nor am i or ever will/can speak on the behalf of the company.
Anonymous asked:
Do all Hollister stores sell Gilly hicks stuff now? I remember it used to only be the higher tier stores that had gilly hicks sections, but now even my store that I'm pretty sure is a lower tier (it's very small, never too packed), sells gilly hicks undies.

Some more than others. 

We all mainly the sell the undies and the bralettes. But the bigger store may have the full on GH displays. 

I feel like GH is fading out ):

answered 1 day ago @ 30 Sep 2014
Anonymous asked:
Is October week 4 or 5 Christmas floorset?

I think 3 or 4.

answered 2 days ago @ 29 Sep 2014
Anonymous asked:
Is overnight time and half?

Hell yeah. 

Remember over time is when you go over 40 hours a week.

Over time is not “They gave me 10 hours this week and I picked up 5 hours, thats 5 hours over time” or “I went 10 minutes over my end of shift thats over time bby.”

answered 2 days ago @ 29 Sep 2014
Anonymous asked:
Do you know when winter aaas come out? I'm going to assume all if jeans and woven cropped sweaters lol. I wonder if they'll let us wear black combat boots.

For Hco, we probably can. If we sell it (which we do) and it’s in style we can wear it. 

No more crop tops please. 

And end of october, I beleive. 

answered 2 days ago @ 29 Sep 2014
Anonymous asked:
When you help your manager recruit people and your hours get cut bc they got hired😒 umm like no, cut some shitty worker's hours


This is why I don’t recruit when I was a part time.

They would be like “So do you have any friends?” and I’ll be like “No I don’t I’m just a loner” 

answered 2 days ago @ 29 Sep 2014
Anonymous asked:
What are some PT impacts opinions on models working updates and task shifts? Is it a yay or nay?

I’m a yay on models on morning update shift. But I’m a nay on models on task shifts.

Yay for update because that’s their domain they know how to make shit look good.

Nay on task shift because we don’t get a lot of shifts in general and most of the shifts we count on getting are task shifts.

answered 6 days ago @ 25 Sep 2014

Business is so dead that I made my impacts board fold everything in the bays. 

My SM thinks I’m crazy and that she rather us fold on the floor.

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Anonymous asked:
i had the only person i could tolerate leave for college. ):

Well shit.

Like I said for most of the people I work with they are all wonderful but they are shit workers. I love hanging out with them but but damn working with them makes me angry. I’ve had to give them many talks. And my managers, I’m pretty sure they are tired of me ranting and venting at them. 

answered 1 week ago @ 23 Sep 2014
Anonymous asked:
there are days when i feel like quitting and days when i don't :(. I need to find another part time job first... the struggles

I knowwww!

When the manager just start giving me more and more responsibility and more rewards for them, like being able to sit in on interviews. I’ll be like damn I think I want to stay. 

This reminds me I told a PT the same thing some days I love my job and some days I hate it. And they asked me what I love about it. I was like just the things that I get to do. And they were like “….so not the people”.

Because I’m honest so I was like “No not the people. I like them outside of work but not during work.”

answered 1 week ago @ 22 Sep 2014
Anonymous asked:
what do people typically get written up for? (i just read about how you know people who had 6!!)

Being late, look policy, not doing their job, being unprofessional. 

You can get a write up for anything within reason. Like wearing the wrong shoes. 

I didn’t read their 6 write ups nor did I care enough to ask them about it. Plus it would be awkward if I asked them about because it’s gonna be like “So how do you know?” and I’ll be like “I looked you up on the system” Creepy as hell.

answered 1 week ago @ 22 Sep 2014