hi i am a Full Time Stock/Stock Lead at Hollister. i've been working here for quite a long time and i'd like to help some you out if you have any questions (about the company, impact, or model). the views expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone, which means they are not the views of A&F. i am not a company rep nor am i or ever will/can speak on the behalf of the company.
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hey there so I just found out that next thusday and saturday i wont be able to work because of other commitments and i went online to change my availability and it wouldn't work. I think its to late to request those days off what do you think i should do? thanks

Hey how’s it going?

Let then know in person or over the phone whatever is easier this week. And if they do schedule you. You can get it covered.

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Hey what's a good way to explain how to pull USR to a newbie? I'm really bad at explaining things 😥 and I'm teaching some noobs how to do impact stuff soon

Ouch tough question.

this is what I usually say.

USRs are generated by what customers has bought. Every time someone buys something it wirelessly comes to this scanner. So we just replace what they bought with the same item from in here.

Pulling USRs is like backward backstocking. Instead of putting items back you pull them out.

All you have to do is [scanner functions]. Let’s start off easy [select a easy pull list]. Now our scanner will take you down a path, there will never be any jumping around. It won’t go from guys graphics to girls dresses and then to personal care. It will go in a straight path.

On the scanner it tells you what you are looking for you want to match all the numbers and sizes. You can sub sizes if the one you are looking for is not there. But you can’t sub IF. 

Let’s do a couple together. 

Do you have any questions?

Then I would just stay with them and then tell them about the can’t finds and scores, and to look above and around because sometimes the items are continued on a different shelf. 

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MINI RANT: Know what's fun? Working register with a sale going on and a line wrapped around the room. Know what's more fun? All of the above, and the AC blowing out hot air instead of cool air and it can't be turned off. END-RANT. thanks for reading!

Story of my life this summer. And the worker man who comes to fix it says there’s nothing wrong and we’re like dude there’s no one in the store and we’re in shorts and tanks, it’s unusually hot in here.

Did yall turn on the fans?

answered 1 day ago @ 15 Sep 2014
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Totally agree! Crazy going from tons of hours just last week and none this week! 😨 let's hope it doesn't last long!

My manager goofed. 

answered 3 days ago @ 13 Sep 2014
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On average do impact or models usually get more hours?

It depends on the store.

If you are working in a small store then models get more hours.

If you are working a bigger store then it’s even.

Or like if the store is dead everyday and there’s 80 boxes of shipment every day then impacts.

There’s no who gets more hours, it’s more on what the circumstances is.

answered 3 days ago @ 13 Sep 2014
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Can we buy perfumes with our discount? Like get 20% off??

Depends on the system I mean. Sometimes it will let you.

But the pc stuff is like 3$ for girls right now.

answered 5 days ago @ 11 Sep 2014
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Impact task at 7am Thursday and Friday next week. What?


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How do you scan in shipment boxes? I covered for my stock lead on Friday (she was out of town for her birthday!). My manager just scanned em for me while I was in the bathroom. Just wondering for future reference. Thank you!

Receive > Receive Shipment > ID > Scan Boxes (make sure to X them as you go) > Count the boxes to make sure it matches the number on the scanner > Hit complete > Return to cradle > Done

It might not be exactly this, because I haven’t received shipment in a long time. But thats the gist of it. 

Fun Fact: It was also my birthday. Happy Birthday to all my Sept bbys!

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It makes me sad that impacts aren't getting hours this week :(

Me too. I leave pretty early now that we have no business. You guys don’t even know how bored I am without company. 

But models are not getting hours either. I mean at the most there’s 2 models per day and if there is really no business, their shift will either be cut or cut short.

answered 1 week ago @ 09 Sep 2014