hi i am a Full Time Stock/Stock Lead at Hollister. i've been working here for quite a long time and i'd like to help some you out if you have any questions (about the company, impact, or model). the views expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone, which means they are not the views of A&F. i am not a company rep nor am i or ever will/can speak on the behalf of the company.
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To the person asking about letting people try on underwear the answer is is typically no. My A&F sold undies last year and we weren't supposed to let customers try them on or even take them into the fitting rooms. If they just returned them cause they got the wrong size we just damaged them out.
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so if i had a stack of shirts to bring out do i just bring it to the pile and set it there and let the model put the sizes in order or should i still be the one to do that? && also if the stack youre bringing it too is really messed up should i fix or leave it for the models to do it? i always feel bad for not doing it but at times when i do it i feel like they just are always watching me

You set it in size order. If no one is watching you put it back how do they know it’s out of size order? 

If you want to fix the stack that’s up to you. If you don’t have the time to do it don’t do it. 

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How long does it usually take an impact to have enough experience to be an fts? I realllly want the job!

No experience is required.

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I want to change my payment method to direct deposit, but I already received my aline card in the mail. Can I still do that? Or should I stick with the paycard?

You can change it online at anfcorp anytime you want. I personally prefer direct deposit.

If you are getting paid this week or have been paid before, your paycheck will be in that card. If you are switching just go to a ATM and get the balance of the card taken out and switch to direct deposit. 

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Does our Hollister discount also work at Abercrombie discount? Because God knows how expensive that store can be lol

You get 30% off at any A&F store. And 20% off at any HCo store, as long as you have your employee card with you.

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i did check the site and i didnt see it but my manager said we were so i was just wondering

It’s not going to be any different if I check it as well tbh. Plus I don’t work for home office, so I don’t know what make up line they developing. 

Since your manager said something about it, ask them about it because I really don’t know. And they are on a higher rank than me.

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are we selling nail polish online now ?

Why didn’t you/couldn’t you check the site yourself? 

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do you remember when we used to hang clothes from the ceiling and none of those clothes were for sale. i started working for the company right after we ditched that. thank god. that was pointless.



And when customers tried to take them down. When models try to take them down? 

And all the clothes were sensored together so everything would fall down. 

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Vampire Weekend - Horchata. Holiday season memories.


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I cannot believe I'm actually saying this but the playlist actually grew on me. Fuck. I still hate the playlist though.


Damn it. I hate it but like it forced it’s way into my mind, and i catch myself thinking this is not that bad. 

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